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Daily Gemini Horoscope
by (Pt. Punarvasu)

( Mithun )
Your outlook is positive and approach is aggressive today, which helps you get things done easily and quickly today. Your PR and communication skills sour high, leading to successful endeavors in your profession or job. Itís time to spend some time in revamping your looks as romance is in the air. The end of the day might bring a fun social outing.
1. Speculation in stocks & shares Positive day. There will be buoyancy in market. Better for speculation than long term investment (subjects to strength of birth chart)
2. Important letters or email communication Favorable day. Keep the ego in check however as that could come up in the communication.
3. Journey Favourable throughout the day.
4. Purchase of new house/ car Positive day. Good throughout.
5. Moving into new house Very Favourable for all kinds of properties throughout the day.
6. Gambling Beneficial day. Keep the stakes low however as chances of getting carried away exist. (Subject to strength of birth chart).
7. Start new medicine /surgery Very favourable for medicine throughout while surgery should be avoided as there could all kinds of extra bleeding.
8. Initiating legal proceedings/notices Good throughout the day.
9. Offensive action involving violence or aggression. Ineffective day mostly.
10. Construction/ Building activity Very favourable throughout the day except for ground breaking ceremony..
11. Educational activity /admissions Very favourable for all kinds of educational activities.
12. Commence religious ceremonies Very favourable throughout.
Tithi Purnima upto 23:35
Nakshatra Magha upto 08:29
Yoga Sukarman upto 08:14
Todays Rahukal 13:59 - 15:26
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