Scorpio (Vrishchika)

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This month would be high on activity as a lot of areas in life would be active and you will find progress and new areas opening up during this time. Substantial growth opportunities are available and you will find yourself busy more than you can handle throughout this month. Temperament would be fixed with a certain amount of ego and new ideas would be available throughout. This is the period of hard work and high activity. Mind would be very active and new ideas would come about easily. You are prone to ego and ego could spoil matters to a large extent. It's one area where you need to be very careful.

Expression will improve tremendously after the 6th December 2015 and you might be able to come up with very nice ways of communicating professionally and writing out things that will benefit you immensely during this month. Towards the end of the month you will find yourself angry and resentful with people where you would not be able to openly confront them or blame them. This might lead to frustration in the coming month. Mind would be distracted and activities could be diffused. Try not to chase too many options as this might have a negative impact eventually on you.

Career: Career will be on the fast track. You are about to get into a phase of very high activity from January 2016. Make plans and organize yourself well and there should be reason for good progress at work in the coming year. Work environment would be very exciting and positive till the 23rd December 2015. Chances of good amount of success and a possibility of a work place romance is also present. 24th December 2015 onward, issues and controversies could spoil matters to some extent. Team and colleagues will be supportive but at the same time give you some amount of stress. If possible, try to delegate as little as possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be interesting but not very successful. Desires will be high but real progress at work might have to wait till the 25th December 2015 and beyond. Chances of new relationships possible towards the end of the month. Existing relationships will do well. There would be growth and opportunities for a commitment. Marriage matters might not be very easy for you as spouse could be distant and at the same time difficult. You might have to spend excessively for the happiness of spouse during this month.

Money and Finances:
Money matters would be very positive. There would be growth and gains overall. Finances will improve substantially further after the 6th December 2015 and the 15th December 2015 as work related and other additional effort related gains should start coming in then. Income would be good mostly throughout this month. A slight dip would come in after the 24th December 2015. Investments would do very well. You should however be very careful and avoid any speculation or risk in investments at work after the 24th December 2015.

Students and Children:
Students would have a very good month. There would be growth and progress. Exam results would be exceptional during this month. Children related matters are happy. Position of children will rise. Relation with children will also be very positive. Good progress throughout.

Presence of Saturn could bring in minor health issues and a fixed attitude which could spoil work opportunities for you during this month. It would be beneficial to request astrological remedy for Saturn this month.


  • Sun: Scorpio and moves to Sagittarius on 16th December, 2015
  • Mars: Virgo and moves to Libra on 24th December, 2015
  • Jupiter: Leo
  • Venus: Libra moves to Scorpio on 25th December, 2015
  • Mercury: Scorpio and moves to Sagittarius on 6th December, 2015. Further, moves to Capricorn on 27th December, 2015.
  • Saturn: Scorpio
  • Rahu: Virgo
  • Ketu: Pisces


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