Libra (Tula)

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November 2015 would be an average month. You might find your confidence and attachment with your environment down and disconnected to some extent after the 13th November 2015. There could be some different sort of thoughts and confusion around you. Some misconceptions also could spoil the outlook for a few days during this month. Ego could be high. Ego could be present in speech too, so you need to be careful. You might be angry and disturbed at times unnecessarily and the frustration could come out on the people around you. Be very careful on that account.

New ideas, new speech and possibilities of growth will come in after the 17th November 2015. Problems of the past will slowly go away but the pressure on the sub conscious will remain through this month also. There would be high expenses and possibility of some loss or taxation issues coming back to trouble you is present during this month.

The combination of Venus & Rahu occurs this month in your horoscope. The combination begins on the 3rd of November & will make an impact on how you think, love & experience emotions this month. In your case this combination would have an impact on personal attitude, health, level of difficulty & hurdles in life. You could request the Guru Chandaal Yoga report to understand the full impact, opportunities & challenges of this combination that would operate till June 2016. Some very specific dates would be shared too, that will give good opportunity & periods that require caution.

Career: Career despite all the odds would be positive. You will be focused and there would be a new energy in what you do. After the 17th November 2015 there would be substantial income and growth from work matters. Work environment will look up and will be very positive now. The aggression and stress of the past will go away this month. Team and colleagues will also do very well. You would gain tremendously by delegation of work.

Love and Marriage: Love life might take a dip. While there could be a need to find love, the desire could be high but still despite all these thoughts, success in love could be low so do not push yourself unnecessarily. You should exercise discretion. Existing relationships will be better. Marriage matters will be difficult after the 3rd November 2015 as spouse could turn more aggressive and you could develop a mental distance.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be mixed. While there could be a rise in income but expenses will also jump up tremendously. As your commitments would be high leading to high expenses on account of personal indulgences as well as other commitments. Income will be good and steady throughout. Investments would be average, you should be cautious throughout.

Students and Children: Students will have an average month. There should be good outlook. Exam results would be average. Children related matters would be good. There should be happiness and a certain amount of joy when it comes to dealing with children.

Health and Family: Health could be low on account of poor energy and poor immune system. Still you would not be so bad as long as you hold back on your negative thinking and stress. Family life will be average. There will be happy trends mostly but there will be some minor issues also.

Presence of Saturn is creating hassles in family matters as well as finances. Presence of Mars and Venus in your 12th house brings in aggression as well as worry besides some losses. You should request for an astrological remedy for these combinations.


  • Sun in Libra and moves to Scorpio on 17th November, 2015
  • Mars in Leo and moves to Virgo on 3rd November, 2015
  • Jupiter in Leo
  • Venus in Leo and moves to Virgo on 3rd November, 2015. Further, it moves to Libra on 30th November, 2015
  • Mercury in Libra and moves to Scorpio on 17th November, 2015
  • Saturn in Scorpio
  • Rahu in Virgo
  • Ketu in Pisces


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