Leo (Simha)

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February 2016 would be a positive month for you. Overall you would find progress as well as hurdles. Mostly you will find your mind under a lot of mental pressure and external influences. This is one time where you will find a sort of a shadow on your thinking and cloudiness in your vision. The high amount of activities and speed of events could overpower you to some extent and modify your thinking, may be, against what your natural nature is. Try not to be too fixed and listen to people around you as good counsel is most welcome during such periods.

For the domestic matters could go towards a stress position or conflict could arise at work, you should be very cautious on that account. Loss at home or a car or conveyance is also possible after the 20th February 2016 so you should be very careful. Mostly you will find yourself aggressive and dynamic in the first half of the month and find some amount of conflict and differences of opinion in the second half of the month.

Career: Career would give you progress and good amount of new ideas at work till the 12th February 2016. There would be progress and success on that account. Beyond the 12th February 2016 competition could rise and you might experience some setbacks or slowdown overall. Work environment could be challenging, stressful and uncomfortable for you. Pressures could rise after the 20th February 2016 at work. Team and colleagues will also be very supportive and helpful till the 12th February 2016 but after that you might find them competitive so avoid delegation of work in the second half of the month.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be very nice till the 12th February 2016. You would feel very high on sex appeal and the ability to attract people around you would be pretty good too. Beyond the 12th February 2016 a dip could be experienced overall. Existing relationships would be very active and turbulent. Partner could influence you majorly during this time. Some amount of an emotional rift could also be experienced. You need to be careful and try to connect honestly with partner during this period. Marriage matters would be average. Spouse could get into a conflict or a ego phase after the 13th February 2016. Issues and unrest at home could be present throughout this month and the issues might seem to rise after the 20th February 2016. Avoid controversy with spouse.  

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There should be growth and gains mostly after the 9th February 2016. Income would also be better after the 9th February 2016. Investments should be handled with care as chances of a major mistake and setback are present during this period.

Students and Children: Students would have a very turbulent and confusing time. Mind could be very distracted and you could end up taking some very wrong decisions. Avoid jumping into any situations and handle life carefully. Exam results could be positive after the 9th February 2016. Children related matters are very active but at the same time you might find children getting distracted or distant from you. Avoid any controversy and remain diplomatic even if you don’t like what you see.

Health and Family: Your health would remain positive mostly. There should be happy trends mostly although you might find yourself very pensive and fixed which could create some amount of health issues because of an underlying stress in your life. Family life will be positive. There will be happy trends throughout.

Mostly some amount of challenges could exist on account of your own thinking and personality as well as domestic hassles and you should request Pt. Punarvasu for an astrological remedy this month.



  • Sun is in Capricorn and moves to Aquarius on 13th February, 2016
  • Mars is in Libra and moves to Scorpio on 20th February, 2016
  • Jupiter is in Leo & Saturn is in Scorpio
  • Venus is in Sagittarius and moves to Capricorn on 12th February, 2016
  • Mercury is in Sagittarius and moves to Capricorn on 9th February, 2016
  • Rahu & Ketu are in Leo & Aquarius respectively 


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