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Monthly Capricorn Horoscope by (Pt. Punarvasu)

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Complete October
Complete October Love
Complete October Career
October 2015 would be a better month for you as a lot of unresolved things will get back on the track. Various disturbing trends in relationships and at work will give way to a better and more stable period after this month commences. You would be short tempered and aggressive at times. You would have to be careful that frustration should not build up unnecessarily. Some events may be relating to finances or travel could create some worry for you till the 9th October 2015. Overall the worry would be present till the 29th October 2015 but better period would come in after the 9th October 2015.

Fear that was felt in the last month would continue till the 9th October 2015 and improve thereafter. You will be fairly active in all what you do. There would be creative trends and happy developments overall. Level of luck could be lower than usual and you might not be able to grab opportunities as fast as in the past but overall it’s a positive time. Second half of the month will give you very good returns in terms of work and progress.

Rahu (Dragon’s head) would conjunct with Mercury. This brings in hyper imagination, imagined worry & situations as well as thinking that could border on paranoia. The effect could be present between 6th & 11th October. You should get the Mercury – Rahu conjunction report to understand the effects & best ways to deal with this transit.

Mars & Venus would conjunct about the 3rd November. Towards the end of the month the effect of this conjunction would be felt due to the close movement of these planets after the 25th October 2015. Rise in passions, higher temper and some unexpected aggression also possible in relationships. The Mars – Venus report would help you understand the effects on you & how you should handle this transit to be successful in love and relationships.

Career: Career would be better this month compared to some conflicting trends over the last 3 months. Improvements will come in although real progress might come in only in November 2015. Support and help of people in authority and in political circles could come about in the second half of the month. Work environment could be disturbing and might hassle you little bit. Improvements will come in after the 9th October 2015. Team and colleagues will do well. They might give you returns and good growth in form of as good as partnership. Delegation of work however should be limited and any work that you do yourself would be best suited.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be much better than before. Resentment and issues in relationships will subside finally although real happiness and progress might come in only next month. Existing relationship also will look up much better than before starting from the 1st October 2015. Marriage matters would be better. Confusion and ego hassles will give way to a better frame of mind. Temperament of spouse could be difficult till the 9th October 2015 and improve thereafter.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good. You will get very good and substantial inflows of funds this month also. Income will be good throughout. Investments would improve now during this month.

Students and Children: Students would have a positive month. There would be good trends although minor hurdles cannot be ruled out. Exam results might not be as per your expectations. Children related matters are positive. Temperament of children will not be easy and you might be dissatisfied at times.

Health and Family: Your health will be good throughout this month. There would be positive trends overall. Family life would be good. You might find certain disappointments. Overall you will be happier than having any issues as such.

Presence of Mars could bring in anger, aggression and minor health issues. Placement of Jupiter could also bring in some financial and spiritual hurdles. Rahu hinders luck to some extent. You could request astrological remedies for all these areas from Pt.Punarvasu for this month.

Complete october Horoscope.
Complete october Love Horoscope.
Complete october Career Horoscope.