Capricorn (Makara)

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November 2015 would be a very positive month. There should be major achievements and growth from various aspects during this time. You would find support from people in authority. Position in life will be higher than normal. There would be better luck, energy and dynamism in all you do. Creative work will be very positive and beneficial for you. Luck would be high and you will find some excellent breaks due to your new ideas as well as progress at work. Mostly you will be very close to friends and very happy time with friends is indicated during this month. Thinking however would remain pessimistic and negative and you should be cautious about that.

The combination of Venus & Rahu occurs this month in your horoscope. The combination begins on the 3rd of November & will make an impact on how you think, love & experience emotions this month. In your case this combination would have an impact on children, thinking patterns, career, your actions & fame. You could request the Guru Chandaal Yoga report to understand the full impact, opportunities & challenges of this combination that would operate till June 2016. Some very specific dates would be shared too, that will give good opportunity & periods that require caution.

Career: Career would be very positive now. The sluggishness of the past would give way to very good trends after the 3rd November 2015. Major developments at work can be expected now. Travel and overseas opportunities would give you maximum amount of growth. People in authority will be very supportive for progress in such matters. Work environment would be very good. Stress of the past will give way to very good results throughout this month. Team and colleagues might not be very supportive as there could be a drag affect comparatively. Still however you should gain from partnerships and joint areas of work.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be positive. Difficult trends of the past will improve tremendously after the 3rd November 2015. Luck in love matters will be high. You would be passionate and will be close to your partner during this time. Existing relationships will also improve tremendously after the 3rd November 2015. There would be jump up all around you. Marriage matters would be good. Spouse would be focused and easy compared to the past. Happiness and socially exciting times are present after the 17th November 2015.

Money and Finances: Money would be available in abundance. There would be inflows and expenses would be controlled now. Liquidity should also be positive throughout this month. Income will be very good and substantial throughout. Investments will do much better after the 3rd November 2015 and you could make substantial gains from investments during this month.

Students and Children: Students would have a very good month starting the 3rd November 2015. Luck in study matters will rise tremendously. Exam results would be very good and there could be a sudden unexpected good phase in education matters now. Children related matters might be a bit difficult as you could be a bit disappointed in performance and expectations that you have from children. However it is still a good time and happy and positive trends will operate.

Health and Family: Your heath would be good throughout the month. It is a happy and positive month throughout. Family life will be very good too. Problems of the past will give way to happy and very easy trends now. It is a very happy month for you.

Mostly the planets are in favor except for Rahu which may cause negativity and pessimism in your thinking. You could request for an astrological remedy for Rahu this month.


  • Sun in Libra and moves to Scorpio on 17th November, 2015
  • Mars in Leo and moves to Virgo on 3rd November, 2015
  • Jupiter in Leo
  • Venus in Leo and moves to Virgo on 3rd November, 2015. Further, it moves to Libra on 30th November, 2015
  • Mercury in Libra and moves to Scorpio on 17th November, 2015
  • Saturn in Scorpio
  • Rahu in Virgo
  • Ketu in Pisces


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