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Monthly Aries Horoscope by (Pt. Punarvasu)

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Complete October
Complete October Love
Complete October Career
You are on the urge of major changes of life. With certain changes already done in the past few months and the upcoming change of Saturn in the next month, life would transform a lot in the coming months. The next 2 years are also very active and will bring in changes as per information sent you by various mailers in the recent past.

This month in particular would see some significant moments towards your spouse and partnerships and relationships in general. Mind would be disturbed on account of this area and certain detachments could also start forming during this time.

You need to be careful about ego in relationships as that could be one of the biggest factors causing distance. Change of residence and movement away from home is building up now and would happen in the very near future. There would be anger, resentment and disappointments with people around you. Don’t let that color your judgment. Wait till you cross into the second half of the month and there would be positive and happy trends making life much easier than before.

Career: Career would be in a strong phase still there would be high position good gains and acknowledgement of your abilities. You can still find new opportunities, partnerships and growth in foreign lands. Work environment would be very active. There would be sudden unexpected positive developments after the 16th October 2014 when support would come in from people around you and help you come out of your situation that you might be stuck in at the beginning of the month.

Team and colleagues will be difficult till the 15th October 2014. There could be some misunderstandings and verbal conflicts after the 5th October 2014. Things will ease out after the 16th October 2014 and work will become very positive after the 26th October 2014.

Love and Marriage: Love life will not be very active now as you would be distracted by various other aspects of life. Work could be disturbing and that could have a toll on love relationships. Ego in relationships could also pull down the bonding factor especially after the 17th October 2014.

Marriage matters would not be easy. There would be health problems for spouse as well as mental distances. Ego and controversies could rise after the 19th October 2014. Avoid biases and negative attitude towards relationships.

Money and Finances: Money matters will not be very easy. There could be difficulties in terms of inflows and certain psychological pressures could build up. Liquidity will improve after the 16th October 2014. Income will be good throughout. Investments should be avoided and speculation should be totally avoided as chances of losing money are there till the 18th October 2014 at least.

Students and Children: Children related matters are not going to be easy. Health of children might be under pressure and you might find certain disagreements with children throughout the month. Students might have issues with teachers and there could be some controversy at school while competition against you will seem to rise. Exams might not be very positive. Some improvements will be felt after the 19th October 2014.

Health and Family:
Health would be below average till the 18th October 2014 and improve slightly after that. Avoid pushing yourself. In case you suffer from hypertension or diabetes, this is a time when you should take care of yourself maximum.

Family life will be average only. There could be some disappointments and there could be travel connected with family life also during this month.

Ketu, Saturn and Mars are not favorable for you. You should request Pt.Punarvasu for astrological remedies this month.
Complete october Horoscope.
Complete october Love Horoscope.
Complete october Career Horoscope.
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