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The year and the month start with negative thoughts and feeling dejected. The all round obstacles, slow down of activities combined with health setbacks hamper your general happiness and mental peace. The relation with women folks and parents may not be cordial. The children would be demanding and expect lot of favors from you. The financial front will be normal and satisfactory. The expenses would match the income. Except for certain financial gains, the other aspects of life may not be comfortable.

Career:  A lot of responsibility would be entrusted and the expectations from the higher ups will be more. The cooperation from the subordinates and colleagues would be lacking. The people who are against your interests would be watching eagerly on how you are going to manage the situation. You will toil hard single handedly. A well wisher would be able to help you achieve the target to the satisfaction of the management.

Since the time is against your interests, you are advised to remain patient and rely on your capabilities and put in best of efforts. The position after 15th January 2015 may change and you will be able to command and get things done at office, of course with some resistance from the sub ordinates. Have a caution on your expressions as your words may likely to be misconstrued.

Love and marriage:  - this is not a fit period for indulging in any romance and dating with your loved ones. You may not be mentally prepared for any sensual activities. The relations with spouse may not be smooth and frictions may prevail. However, you may try to soft pedal on moving with the spouse and will not indulge in any action that may harm the relations. The dates 6th,7th,12th and 13th January 2015 would be congenial for going on an outing and sharing of thoughts with the loved ones.

Be cautious on16th and 17th January 2015, as these dates are not suitable for pursuing contacts with any new acquaintances. The fixing up of any alliance for the unmarried should not be undertaken in this month, as the planetary condition is not conducive for clinching the deal.

Money and finance:  - the financial condition would be normal. The possibility of retrieving long pending dues from Govt. or any agencies may be possible in this month. The pay hike promised may not get materialized in this month and will get postponed. The spending for meeting the medical and expenses relating to children and family welfare may mount and will have an impact on your financial planning. The matching of inflow with the outflow may be difficult. At times, you may have to borrow from outside to meet the emergency requirements.

Students & Children; -
Lot of distortions may intrude in concentrating on studies. The memory to retain and store the material learnt may be lacking. But with your hard efforts and interest in the subject will help you to roll out from the difficulties. The exam attended in this month will not earn good credits. The extracurricular activities would receive your attention and interests. The health complications may affect attending the classes and concentrating on studies. The parents will spend for the well being of their wards.

The interview and competitive exams attended in the latter half of the month will bring good results. Health and family:  the health of self and family members are prone to frequent dislocation caused by blood and heat related ailments. A small fracture in the leg may also be possible. The relation with the family members would be conflicting marked with arguments over petty matters cropping up. As the time does not favor you this time, keep a low profile and avoid any confrontation with them.
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