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Scorpio Horoscope Forecast - 2014
Yearly Horoscope Forecast is based on your Moon Sign. If you do not know your Moon Sign. Please Click Here to find out free without any question. We usually get back with in one day. This Yearly horoscope forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.
2014 is a great year for you. After tremendous struggle last year, you can look forward to a great time professionally in the second half of the year. The year however would begin with its set of problems & struggles. Financial pressures would be high, while wasteful expenses would also be a cause of concern. You need to cut down overheads at work till July 2014 at least.

Period between March & July 2014 could be most challenging professionally as well as financially.
After the initial hurdles during the year, you would find improvement & progress as you move ahead during the year.

First step forward would be mid June 2014 when the hurdles would go down substantially. Progress & luck at work would rise. Overall it would be the beginning of a magnificent turnaround for you.
Thereafter the effects of the financial pressures you had been reeling under would give way to a jump in income & gains. You will find a new vibrancy at work. Deals that were eluding you would come about, bringing in exceptional growth at work after mid July.

Further beyond November, the period of slump in work would give way to a focused & energetic work progress. While your troubles & hassles would also go up, but end of the day, there would be good growth atwork.

2014 would end on very positive note and it might be difficult for you to imagine the troubles you were going through at the beginning of the year.

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