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Cancer Horoscope Forecast - 2014
Yearly Horoscope Forecast is based on your Moon Sign. If you do not know your Moon Sign. Please Click Here to find out free without any question. We usually get back with in one day. This Yearly horoscope forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.
2014 holds out promise for you in the second half of the year. At the beginning of the year, you might see yourself aggressive & working hard but career would be meandering without much growth as such. You might find distractions at home front a bit challenging for career after the 3rd March. This disharmonious period would end on 20th July & by July you would have found your path as well as clarity in all you need to do at work.
Luck would pick up at work & focus would be high. That could give your career the much needed push after 19th June 2014. By mid July you will get into an expansion mode, if working independently. If not, then mid July onwards due to the movement of Dragon?s head in your house of new growth & hard work, a jump in opportunities and new areas would be felt. You would be inundated with work & growth options. You need to control your aggression well & keep a focus on your work to ensure optimum career growth for you.
Overall, 2014 is a sort of a re-foundation year once you cross into the second half. Much work done & planned now will give you rich returns in 2015.
New creative projects with partners could take off after November 2014.

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