Sun and Saturn At War in August 2009

The Sun will be in the constellation of Aslesha and Aquarius Navamsa while Saturn would be in the constellation of Pubba and Scorpio Navamsa. The Moon will be in the constellation of Revati.

Natives with Simha Rasi will have to be careful as they might end up losing their jobs. Vrishabha, Kataka and Kumbha Rasi natives will have to be cautious while travelling as they will be prone to accidents. Meena, Vrischika, Dhanus and Makara are likely to face some setbacks with regard to health. Thula, Meena and Mithuna Rasi may benefit by getting better recognition in their work place. It is suggested that pregnant women take necessary remedial measures to avert negative results.


The upper hand of Saturn will also lead to a lot of changes across the world.

In India's horoscope, Transit Saturn will be in the 2nd house from Moon, while the Sun would be in Rasi itself. The liquor industry will be the major beneficiary, along with oil and motor companies. The weak position of the Sun is suggestive of a disturbance in the political environment. India might lose an elderly and experienced politician. Saturn's control will give rise to increased protests against government. There will be trouble and irritation in the working committee. Discontent in the labor force cannot be ruled out. The government will have a better time after Saturn moves out of Leo.

The Sun and Saturn in the 7th and 8th house in their transit from Natal Moon show a different story for USA. A high profile crime is likely to be committed during this time. Further, the 7th house transit of the Sun will disturb America's ties with a few countries, especially with those situated to the East of America. Indications show that other countries will hold USA accountable for a variety of reasons including new labor laws.

Om Tat Sat


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