2016- 2017 HOROSCOPE | 2016 - 2017 ASTROLOGY

In keeping with our age old tradition of updating New Year Horoscope much ahead of time, we bring you the snapshot of 2017 Horoscope right away. The overview of 2017 by Pt. Punarvasu will help you plan ahead in the New Year. A detailed version will be uploaded towards the end of the year. You may register here to receive email updates on 2017 Horoscope Forecast based on your Moon Sign.

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Horoscope Aries

2016-2017 Aries Horoscope - 2016 Horoscope for you shows an average year. You will have an amazing beginning with a perk up in your creative abilities after the 7th January 2016....

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Horoscope Taurus

2016-2017 Taurus Horoscope - A long standing property issue could progress between 7th January & 10th May 2016.Your luck as well as creative faculties would peak....

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Horoscope Gemini

2016-2017 Gemini Horoscope - This is the year of progress that you have been waiting for. Support & growth would come in from various quarters and all these positive....

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Horoscope Cancer

2016-2017 Cancer Horoscope -Financially you will have an excellent year till August. There would be substantial inflows and luck in money matters between 7th January ...

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Horoscope Leo

2016-2017 Leo Horoscope - A new determination would operate now that will bring you closer to your target. You could lose the human touch however & that is an area you need t ....

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Horoscope Virgo

2016-2017 Virgo Horoscope -This year you will find relief from the negativity & feeling of disconnection with people around you. The year would begin with a change in your. ...

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Horoscope Libra

2016-2017 Libra Horoscope - Income & gains will rise substantially from January 2016. You might make substantially higher income by working more practically than before.....

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Horoscope Scorpio

2016-2017 Scorpio Horoscope - You will find substantial progress at work as several new opportunities would open up for you. There would be a sudden spike in work related ....

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Horoscope Sagittarius

2016-2017 Sagittarius Horoscope - This year will see your focus rise on work areas & finances could cause worry at times. The year however will begin on a positive ...

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Horoscope Capricorn

2016-2017 Capricorn Horoscope - You will find the year more powerful & beneficial as the year goes by. The second half of the year would be better than the first half. ....

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Horoscope Aquarius

2016-2017 Aquarius Horoscope -Life is asking your best as it will be a time when you have to prove yourself. Your efforts will write your success story.Travelling will ....

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Horoscope Pisces

2016-2017 Pisces Horoscope -2016 would be a very eventful year for you as there could be many new opportunities at work especially within your work environment as well ...

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2016 Horoscope


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